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Imagine Our Story - The Magical History of Our Library

In a very small village in the heart of the country sits a very special place. In this setting wonderful things happened day and night. The people of the village would come in and spend a little time or spend all day. All would leave with a bit of the spark, a bit of the sparkle that is a part of the special magic of this town.

To the outside world this village seems ordinary. It seems no different than any other place in their or any world. Until and if they entered this town even if it were for a brief moment. 
This little village is a small place filled with interesting, yet quiet people. Travelers pass through this town every day with busy eyes and busy thoughts of things they need to see and to do somewhere else. It would be so easy to not even remember passing through this sweet little village.
But if they do. If they step out of their carriages they sense something in the air. The air buzzes with the wind. The travelers are not exactly certain what it is about the location. But, t…

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